A Lot Can Change in a Year…

It was almost exactly one year ago. And here we were, once again driving in the early morning darkness of a September morning to another unknown golf course to have a “business meeting” and a match. The destination this time: … Read More

“So What?”

It’s such a simple question but sometimes I have to say it to myself just to make sure I’m on the right track. “So what? What is the purpose of this?” I heard it a lot in graduate school. “So … Read More

The Haves. And the Have Nots.

You can probably tell where this one is going… It happens every time I get the picture or see it from a stranger on Twitter. At first, I smile thinking about the reaction right before the picture was snapped. I … Read More

The Match at Marion

Found the middle of the fairway on hole #2 at Marion. It was raining when I left my house. The radar on my phone showed that it was likely going to be raining for the entire hour plus drive north. … Read More


This isn’t a blog about anything other than golf. Let’s keep that in mind as we’re reading this. It has a singular purpose: to talk about golf during this challenging time in our world’s history. I know there are bigger … Read More

Super Spotlight: Nic Youngers from Rolling Meadows

It was early fall 2007. I already reported to college but was excused from baseball practice for the weekend because it this one was special: my sister was getting married in Manhattan (shout-out B and T). I caught the golf … Read More