Saline County Quota and Medal


Saline County Quota & Medal – June 28th – 30rd, 2024 

ENTRY FEE: $100-$145 / player (see below) 


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Saline County Quota & Medal 

ENTRY FEE: $100-$145 / player (see below) 

General Rules and Information 

  1. Event: This 3-day event will have two tournaments running simultaneously: The County 2-Person Quota and  the County Medal. Any player may register to play in either tournament, or both.  
  2. Eligibility: Players must be at least 15 years old. At least one player MUST be a resident of Saline County or a  member at one of the three Salina courses. If competing in the Medal, that player MUST be a resident of  Saline County or a member at one of the three Salina courses. 
  3. Cost: For registration to one event (Quota or Medal) the cost shall be: $100/player if player is a member of at  least one course; or $125/player – if player is not a member of at least one course (Muni membership  minimum of Bronze level). If the player wishes to play in both tournaments, an additional $20 fee applies. 
  4. Registration: Online registration is required at Paper entry forms will not be accepted.  Entries are due by May 13 and will be limited to the first 64 teams or 128 players.  
  5. Tees: Male players +/= 50 will play Reds at Muni; Whites at GL & SCC. Women will play Yellows at Muni; Reds  at GL & SCC. All other players will play the Blue Tees at all courses. (*If a player is competing in the Medal  Open Division, they will be required to play from the Blues, regardless of age)  
  6. Friday round you are responsible for making your own tee time. No tee times after 5:00pm. Pairings will be  made for the Saturday round and play will begin between 7:30-8:00AM.  
  7. Tee times and Results will be posted on If there are any questions or concerns, please  contact Eric Holmes at 785-342-0593. 
  8. Groupings: On Days 2 & 3, players will be grouped together based on Medal results and not necessarily with  your Quota partner. If playing in the Quota only, you will play with your quota partner all weekend.

Medal Rules & Information 

The medal will have three Divisions: Open, Senior, and Lady. Any player electing to play in the Open division must play  from the Blue Tees, regardless of age. Flights (if warranted) will be determined based upon participation.  

*The Medal is a qualifying event for the SCGA Match Play.  

2-Person Quota Rules & Information 

  1. Teams – Teams can be comprised of any combination of 2 players: open, senior, lady, mixed, etc. 
  2. Divisions: All teams will be competing in one division. There will NOT be open, senior, or lady divisions.
  3. Flights: The Tournament will be pre-flighted before the tournament based on upon total team handicap. 
  4. Handicaps: Both players are required to have an allowable handicap. Allowable handicaps are as follows.  I. USGA GHIN Handicap (active). Current year’s league handicap (minimum of 5 unique 9-hole scores).

III. Prior year’s league handicap (minimum of 5 unique 9-hole scores) 

  1. USGA GHIN Handicap (inactive) 

*An Active USGA GHIN will take precedence over the other 3 options. If an active GHIN does not exist, then the next highest allowable handicap by order on the list must be used. (A player may not pick and  choose which handicap to select.) 

  1. Scoring: Quota System – Each team will be assigned an initial ‘quota’ based upon their handicaps to be used  for Day 1. Each day, the Quota may adjust upward (but never downward!) based on an average of the initial  quota and daily results.  
  2. Points: Players will receive points based upon their scores on each hole as follows: Eagle: 8 points, Birdie: 4  points, Par: 2 points, Bogey: 1 point, Double Bogey or worse: 0 points (Once you have reached double bogey,  please pick up your ball and move to the next hole, unless competing in the Medal.)